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The Kens were birthed in 2016, when two of Maloy's yard sale dolls fell in love. This is their journey.


These are non-binary bodies exploring a non-binary universe -- where plants are larger than life and dogs are giant mystical beasts.  They are whimsical and cheeky, unconcerned with an external viewer and fully in the moment of their play. These are snapshots of a queer romance. 


Still more can be said about: their relationship to plastic bodies, interchangeable limbs, ubiquitous existence in second-hand stores, whiteness, masculinity, femininity, gender dysphoria, genitals, clothing struggles, privilege, sexuality, size, nostalgia, childhood, pop-culture, exes, etc.  But, I'm just too tired to get into all that today.

(What you see here is just a small fraction of the Kens' journey.  The entire collection includes hundreds of photos: Contact me for inquiries into the complete collection.)

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